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Can I enter Canada with a DWI?

With winter approaching and temperatures getting colder, you have already started planning your ice fishing trips this year. But if you plan on heading north of the border to the frozen lakes of Canada, a DWI conviction may stop you.

Are breath test results reliable?

When a driver is stopped under suspicion of DWI, they will often be given a breath test to gauge their blood alcohol level. These tests are a common part of drunk driving investigations here in Minnesota and across the country. Their results can have long-lasting ramifications for drivers. Blowing over the legal limit can leave Minnesota drivers facing an automatic license suspension and serious charges. But just how accurate are these impactful tests?

DWI charges can have major consequences for student athletes

Being accused of drunk driving is a very high-stakes situation. This is especially the case for student athletes. Along with the typical legal penalties for DWI, such individuals can be facing additional impactful consequences that can have major impacts on their life and future.

Minnesota sees record level of struck patrol vehicles

It is important for drivers here in Minnesota to exercise care when driving near police cars, including following the “move over” rules when such vehicles are on the shoulder with their lights on. Being accused of acting improperly could lead to serious consequences. And police in the state very well may be especially on the lookout for unsafe conduct around stopped police cars due to a trend that this year has been seeing: An increase in state patrol vehicles getting hit.

Minnesota Supreme Court sets new DWI rule

Many things have big impacts on individuals who are under suspicion of drunk driving. This includes what specifically police are (and are not) required to do in DWI investigations. What the rules are on this front here in Minnesota are affected by a range of things. This includes what the state’s supreme court decides when questions arise on what specific rights individuals have when they are being investigated for drunk driving.

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