A police dog in Minnesota has been trained to sniff out cellphones, SD cards, USB drives and other electronic devices that might be associated with sex crimes. The dog was trained to sniff out a chemical coating that’s found in most electronics. Since she completed training, the dog has accompanied police officers on 10 separate investigations and found 21 pieces of evidence.

According to one of the authorities, this kind of skill can be useful in arresting individuals who were accused of sex crimes. If the perpetrator discards a small piece of equipment like a micro SD card, the evidence can be almost impossible to find. Fortunately, the police dog can find the equipment with her advanced sense of smell.

Dogs who can sniff out electronics are a relatively new addition to local police forces. This dog is one of only about three dozen in the entire country who have been trained to find electronics like phones and SD cards. She was provided to the authorities by a non-profit organization that works to stop sex trafficking across the country. It cost the organization nearly $15,000 to train the dog to find electronics.

Where can people find legal assistance after being charged with sex crimes?

Being accused of sex crimes may ruin a person’s reputation. Sex crimes can cover a wide range of offenses, including hiring a prostitute, committing statutory rape, viewing child pornography, “sexting” a minor and other sex-related accusations. If a person is accused of sex crimes, it might be in their best interests to hire an attorney.

An attorney may be able to defend their client in cases of false accusations. They might also be able to negotiate for lighter sentences and reduced charges in the event of a guilty plea. By working with an attorney, an individual might be able to get the case resolved quickly and efficiently.