Everyone knows there are consequences related to driving while impaired (DWI) arrests. There could be court costs, fines and loss of a license. It could even include jail time. Most people do not realize how those issues can follow them.

Most people do not understand is how a DWI can negatively impact their lives.

Issues can be hard to overcome

People usually are not thinking about lasting problems when they drink and drive. Even when they are arrested for a DWI, they are not thinking long-term.

Problems can include:

  • Educational opportunities. If you are convicted for a DWI, there could be problems getting into colleges or education programs.
  • Employment issues. First-time offenders might not realize a DWI conviction will be on their record. Many employers conduct background checks as part of their hiring process.
  • Enhanced DWI charges. If there is one thing you probably learned from your arrest, you can make mistakes. You were arrested for one DWI and it can happen again. The DWI will stay on your record for 10 years. If you are arrested DWI again, a conviction will probably carry enhanced charges and serve penalties.
  • Higher insurance rates. Your insurance company will be notified of your DWI. Most companies will raise their rates. Some also cancel policies when they hear about a DWI conviction.
  • Housing. Landlords also frequently conduct background checks. They might not let you move into an apartment complex if they find a DWI on your record.
  • Reputation. Your arrest will be on the police blotter. Many newspapers and websites list DWI arrests. Your employer, neighbors and other agencies could find out about the arrest.

DWI’s can be lifechanging

Even after your license is reinstated, problems from a DWI can follow you. You do not want one mistake destroy your future.