Being accused of drunk driving is a very high-stakes situation. This is especially the case for student athletes. Along with the typical legal penalties for DWI, such individuals can be facing additional impactful consequences that can have major impacts on their life and future.

Athletic impacts

For one, such accusations can endanger a student athlete’s ability to continue to play for their school, as they could get kicked off their team. This can be seen in a recent case involving a young man who was a walk-on with the University of Minnesota football team. He was arrested for DWI following being stopped by police when he was riding a moped. Following this incident, he was taken off the team.

Academic impacts

Drunk driving allegations could also jeopardize a student athlete’s education goals. There are a range of penalties students could face from their school in connection to DUI charges, including:

  • Scholarship loss
  • Loss of student housing
  • Disciplinary actions
  • In some cases, the possibility of expulsion

Such consequences could keep a person from being able to pursue their desired course of study. Such a loss could have deep long-term impacts on a person’s career and financial well-being.

Defending ones future

So, a great deal, including their future, can be at risk for student athletes when they have been pulled over for drunk driving. Given this, what steps such individuals take when it comes to their defense can matter considerably. Skilled criminal defense attorneys can help student athletes accused of DWI develop strategies for protecting their future in the face of such charges.