At the start of this month, a slew of new laws went into effect here in Minnesota. This includes a range of statutes that toughen the state’s laws related to sex offenses.

For one, what qualifies as a sex offense has been expanded. There had previously been an exclusion in the state’s sex crime laws for the intentional touching of a person’s clothed buttocks with sexual/aggressive purpose. This exclusion has been removed, so such actions are now considered fifth-degree criminal sexual conduct.

Also, the maximum penalties for certain child pornography offenses have been increased.

Other newly-in-force sex offense laws in the state touch on issues such as:

  • What judges are required to do when staying adjudication in felony sex crimes cases
  • When individuals found guilty of sex crimes in other states are required to register in Minnesota
  • When a person can face sex crime penalties in connection to a minor he or she held a position of authority in relation to

What impacts do you think the new statutes will have in the state?

As the new sex offense laws that came into force this month underscore, being accused of sex crimes here in Minnesota is an extremely serious matter. The potential penalties a person can face if convicted of such offenses can be severe. So, when facing sex crime charges, including those affected by the state’s new statutes, it can be critical for a person to understand what options he or she has for protecting his or her future. This is among the reasons why the guidance of an experienced criminal defense lawyer is such a crucial thing for a person to have when charged with a sex offense.