With summer coming to an end and Labor Day weekend approaching, the next couple of weeks may be ones full of festivities for many Minnesotans. However, in the midst of all this fun, it is very important for individuals to be careful about how they act on the road. Missteps could lead to serious consequences, such as being accused of drunk driving.

Police in Minnesota are particularly on the lookout for DWI right now. The state is in the midst of a wave of increased DWI enforcement. This campaign started last Friday and is scheduled to go until Labor Day. Over 300 police agencies in the state are participating in it.

This year has seen a higher rate of DWI arrests than the previous one. Also, the Labor Day weekend tends to see high numbers of drunk driving stops. It has the third highest DWI arrest levels of holidays, behind only the Fourth of July and Halloween.

Given this and the upped enforcement efforts, the next couple of weeks could see a fair number of drivers pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving. A DWI stop can lead to many things for a person, including arrest, criminal charges and potential loss of license.

So, a fun late summer weekend can quickly turn life-changing if a person is accused of being drunk behind the wheel. When this happens, it can be critical to promptly get quality defense guidance. Skilled DUI defense attorneys can help individuals accused of drunk driving with developing legal strategies for protecting their future.