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July 2019 Archives

Seeking a new approach concerning drug offenses

Many Minnesota residents, particularly young people, struggle with substance abuse issues. Currently, our country is facing an opiate epidemic. Synthetic drugs are also often easily obtainable for drug users. And the use of drugs such as heroin, cocaine, and marijuana continues.

No charges filed in death of rock star Prince

The music world lost one of its most brilliant minds when Prince was found dead in his studio. The official cause of death by an overdose of Vicodin was quidkly suspected, but was later discovered to be an unlicensed knock-off laced with fentanyl. What remained to be learned, however, was whether any persons who supplied Prince with the unprescribed pills could be held liable for criminal conduct. After much waiting and anticipation, the Minnesota prosecutor recently announced that he would not be seeking charges in Prince's death. 

Minnesota Supreme Court sets new DWI rule

Many things have big impacts on individuals who are under suspicion of drunk driving. This includes what specifically police are (and are not) required to do in DWI investigations. What the rules are on this front here in Minnesota are affected by a range of things. This includes what the state’s supreme court decides when questions arise on what specific rights individuals have when they are being investigated for drunk driving.

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