Recent years have seen an influx of meth coming into Minnesota. Some officials are saying that the state is experiencing a crisis when it comes to this drug.

Meth seizures up

Among the things that have spiked in recent years when it comes to meth are drug seizures by law enforcement. Confiscation of large amounts of the drug has become increasingly common. Last September, the state saw the largest meth bust in its history, with over 190 pounds seized.

Each of the past 11 years, Minnesota drug enforcement teams have set a new record for total annual amount of meth seized.

In 2018, state and federal authorities confiscated over two tons of the drug in the state. And many expect that 2019 will see an even higher total.

Serious consequences

Being accused being in possession of large amounts of an illegal drug is a particularly serious allegation. It can lead to a person facing drug charges that carry especially heavy prison sentences and extremely large fines.

So, when people are charged in connection to the seizure of a large amount of meth, or another sizable drug bust, here in Minnesota, their future can heavily depend on the quality of their defense. Having the right defense strategies for one’s situation can make a big difference. So, experienced and skilled defense guidance can be an extremely important thing for a person to have following getting caught up in a large drug bust.

What will the future hold?

Along with confiscations, meth-related overdose deaths and treatment admissions are also up in Minnesota. One wonders how the state will end up responding to the growing meth problem. How drug crises are dealt with can have major impacts on the residents of a state. It can have ramifications on a range of things, from public health to the level of fairness in the criminal justice system. So, it will be worth carefully watching what the state does regarding meth in upcoming months and years.