Many things come with a major sporting event. This often includes an increased law enforcement presence. This can be seen in police preparations for the upcoming weekend’s NCAA Final Four in Minneapolis.

Around 94,000 visitors are expected to come to the Minneapolis area for this sporting event and its related activities. For well over a year, police leaders in Minneapolis have been preparing for the operations they will be conducting to keep things safe for the big incoming crowds. These preparations included training for potential safety situations that can arise at major sporting events.

It won’t just be Minneapolis police who will be present in and around U.S. Bank Stadium for Final Four weekend. Officers from twenty-three other local law enforcement agencies in the state are partnering with Minneapolis in relation to helping with the police presence for this event.

Over 1,300 law enforcement officers are expected to be helping with Final Four safety and policing operations at some point between this Friday and next Monday. These operations will be managed from a command center.

One wonders what impacts this increased police presence in Minneapolis will prove to have. One also wonders how much in the way of arrests will occur in the downtown area during this upcoming weekend.

There are a range of criminal charges sports fans could end up facing in connection to a major sporting event. This can include charges related to alleged drunk driving, bar fights or disorderly conduct. Such allegations can have significant long-term ramifications for a person. So, when accused of criminal activity during the course of a major sporting event, it is critical for people to seek out experienced guidance on their defense options.