Recent years have seen a lot of flux throughout the country when it comes to marijuana laws. Where does Minnesota currently stand in this regard? Well, it is among the states that have legalized medical marijuana. It is also among the states that have, to some extent, decriminalized the possession of small amounts of marijuana.

However, recreational possession of marijuana remains illegal in the state. Decriminalization means that for certain small amounts of marijuana, jail time generally is not going to be given for possession. However, penalties such as fines are still on the table for such lower-level offenses.

There are currently 10 states that have gone the further step of legalizing lower-levels of recreational marijuana possession. Might Minnesota add itself to this list in the not-so-distant future?

Some lawmakers in the state are pushing for such a change. Among the possible legislation that is currently being worked on in the state in this regard are proposals to legalize such possession and a proposal to put the question of legalization before the state’s voters.

Also, for the first time, Minnesota has a governor that has publicly voiced support for legalization.

There remains, however, a fair amount of debate in the state on this issue.

What do you think will happen with the issue of legalization here in Minnesota in upcoming months and years? Do you think Minnesota will ultimately make the decision to legalize?

What Minnesota ultimately decides to do on this front could have considerable impacts on what sorts of situations could lead to individuals facing marijuana-related charges. Such charges can have significant ramifications for a person. Skilled defense attorneys can assist individuals accused of marijuana offenses in Minnesota with efforts to minimize the impacts of such charges on their life and future.