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What counties made the list for most dangerous for drunk driving?

Recently, the Minnesota Department of Public Safety came out with a list naming 13 counties as the state’s most dangerous for drunk driving. This list was based on DWI accident and citation figures covering 2012 to 2016.

These are the counties included on the list:

The main differences between BWI and DWI

Going out to the local lake and spending an afternoon on the pontoon is one of the classic activities of a Minnesotan summer. While you are out on a hot sunny day, you, your friends and your family may enjoy a few alcoholic beverages. While the consequences of boating while intoxicated can be as severe as drunk driving, there are a few differences regarding the two kinds of charges.

Whether a crime is classified as “violent” matters

What constitutes a “violent” crime is not as straightforward of a matter as one might assume. This is what a recent review of state laws here in the U.S. by the Marshall Project underscores.

The states vary in what they define as a violent crime. The review indicates that, in many states, this definition ends up including a good amount of crimes that many might not think of as being violent.

Why you should challenge the DWI charges you face

After getting pulled over on suspicion of driving while intoxicated, you may fear the severe penalties to come. Minnesota is tough on drunk drivers and even first-time offenders can face substantial consequences.

In the days following your arrest, you may question your chances of successfully challenging the charges against you. After all, you may have taken chemical tests, field sobriety tests or more that confirmed over-the-limit blood alcohol concentration (BAC) levels. However, you may have options to contest the charges and seek lesser penalties.

Law enforcement in Minnesota preparing for the Final Four

Many things come with a major sporting event. This often includes an increased law enforcement presence. This can be seen in police preparations for the upcoming weekend’s NCAA Final Four in Minneapolis.

Around 94,000 visitors are expected to come to the Minneapolis area for this sporting event and its related activities. For well over a year, police leaders in Minneapolis have been preparing for the operations they will be conducting to keep things safe for the big incoming crowds. These preparations included training for potential safety situations that can arise at major sporting events.

Report: Minnesota’s violent crime rate low, but rising slightly

Recently, a report looked at trends in violent offense rates throughout the nation. It reviewed 2017 crime data on the states and hundreds of major metro areas.

What did this report have to say about Minnesota?

Why have an aggressive violent crimes defense

Again today we demonstrate why it is important to put forward a violent crimes defense.  Our client was charged with domestic assault and interfering with an emergency phone call.  Our evaluation of the case was that he would likely be convicted by a jury of the interfering with a phone call.  However, it was very important to not be convicted of a domestic assault.  That conviction would eliminate gun rights the second amendment be damned.  We were able to resolve the case without the spectre of a conviction for a domestic, in a way that will result in NO CONVICTION of any kind on his record.  We prepared vigoursly for trial and were ready to go with a valid defense argument on the assaults, but the 911 call was a potential problem. Our client was very happy to have a strong violent crimes defense team on his side.  One has to remember that there are a number of defenses that can be raised at trial.  Aggressively approaching the case with a defense in mind can help to get an outcome that is acceptable or an acquital at trial.  The violent crimes defense team at Giancola-Durkin explores all the possiblities in these typs of case.

Sex Crimes Defense make a difference

A vigorous Sex Crimes Defense is crucial to a good outcome in any case where you may be charged with committing innaproriate behavior.  Even a Gross Misdemeanor sex crime Crimes Defense is important because of the potential collateral consequences.  In a recent case we were able to show that the client was not a predator, did not have agressive or criminal propensities and was a good candidate for elective therapies instead of sex offender treatment.  It was imperitive in our case to have a solid Psychosexual evaluation done which showed our client was appropriate for a disposition that did not includea sex crime of any kind.   In today's political climate people are all to quick to allege that a crime has been committed.  Especially a sex crime.  If this kind of charge is brought against you remember we have handled cases like this in Anoka, Hennepin, Wright, Isanti, Sherburne, Carver, and other counties throughout Minnesota.  A first Degree sex crime carries a 144 month sentence to prison at a minimum.  In certain cases the Judge can go above that if it is found that there are aggravating circumstances.

Minnesota considering lifting ban on voting while on felony probation

Being accused of drug crimes can sometimes leave a person facing felony charges. The stakes are very high in such cases. Given this, skilled defense guidance is a critical thing for a person to have when facing such allegations.

A conviction on a felony charge has major consequences here in Minnesota. It impacts many things for a person, including his or her right to vote.

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