Trying To Make It Go Away Can Make It Worse

Human beings have a tendency to look for the path of least resistance. Taking the easy way out can feel good in the moment but set up a person for long-lasting difficulties. Nowhere is this more the case than in the realm of criminal defense.

As people, we understand why it may be tempting to make a quick plea deal, plead guilty or just pay a fine so you can "move on." However, our experience as lawyers is that deals made in an effort to move on end up becoming a weight a defendant struggles to bear for the reset of their life due to collateral consequences such as:

  • Criminal record appearing on employment background checks
  • Increased insurance rates due to a DWI offense
  • Location restrictions due to being placed on the sex offender registry

It Often Makes Sense To Fight

With pleading guilty resulting in those potential consequences, it can make sense to fight for your rights instead of looking for the easy way out. After all, your personal reputation, your freedom and your rights are on the line. That is worth fighting for. This stands in stark contrast with the motivations some attorneys have for pushing their clients toward a quick guilty plea.

At Giancola-Durkin, P.A., we will fight for the best possible outcome available to you. Our reputation as fighters precedes us with prosecutors, allowing us to negotiate the best possible outcomes. When an agreement cannot be reached, we are fully prepared to take cases to trial in order to make sure our clients' best interest is served.

Don't Sacrifice Your Good Name For Expediency's Sake

The only reason to plead guilty is because it makes sense for you based on the facts in your case. Contact us today to learn about the defense options available to you in your unique circumstances. We provide defense representation in Anoka and throughout Minnesota.