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Snowmobiling While Intoxicated (SWI) is a serious crime in the state of Minnesota. Driving while under the influence of alcohol, hazardous material, or a controlled substance while operating a snowmobile is referred to as SWI. If you are caught driving under the influence while operating a snowmobile you may face sobriety tests by an officer to determine your current state and to test for substances. If you refuse to comply the the officer by taking the test, you may lose your snowmobiling privileges and your license could be suspended for one year. An SWI conviction and refusal are placed on your driver's license record and could affect your driving privileges.

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Snowmobiling while intoxicated punishments can be classified as a misdemeanor, gross misdemeanor, or felony level DWI. Persons charged with a misdemeanor SWI may face jail time, loss of snowmobile privileges for one year, and up to a $1,000 fine. Repeat offenders and persons with prior DWI violations may face additional fines, longer jail time, chemical assessment programs, loss of driver's license privileges, and forfeiture of the snowmobile.

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