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If your child has been charged with an offense, you will want to provide him/her with the best Minnesota Juvenile Defense Lawyer possible. Unfortunately, a juvenile conviction can haunt a person for the rest of their lives. The Minnesota criminal lawyers at The Giancola Law Office have handled countless juvenile cases - we promise to provide the best legal representation possible for your child.

When your child is charged in juvenile court you, the parent, is usually served with a copy of the Delinquency Petition. This is the document that tells you what the charges are. Frequently we are asked to interpret the petition and get involved in the defense of the child. In juvenile court the child is not entitled to a jury trial, only a trial to a judge. This is where experience matters. We have handled a number of high profile juvenile cases and successfully fought adult certification. You need a well versed Minnesota criminal lawyer in these trying situations.

The Giancola Law Office is extremely well versed in the differences between legal procedures for adults and children. Our attorneys will provide you and your child the best legal representation possible.

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