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Minneapolis homicide and injury crimes are among the most serious offenses under Minnesota Law. The penalties for taking a human life, even unintentionally, are very severe. Homicide laws encompass murders, manslaughter, attempted murders, criminal vehicular homicide, and any situation that involves the death of a human being.

It goes without saying that this category of crime takes a high priority. Minnesota criminal lawyers have been involved in defending a number of these types of cases from First Degree Murder to Criminal Vehicular Operation. In some cases, early intervention by our trial team have led to charges not being pursued by law enforcement. Negotiation and trial are possible outcomes as well. We take these cases very seriously and defend them very aggressively from pre-trial through trial.

If you are charged with, or being investigated for, one of these types of crimes you must not wait. You should call immediately for a free analysis and consultation with one of our Minnesota criminal lawyers. We will come to where you are to give you an assessment and discuss planning to defend you.

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