Minnesota DWI Lawyer

Minnesota DWI Lawyer

Minnesota DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) and Minnesota DUI (Driving Under the Influence) cases can have many consequences. A multitude of factors will determine the severity of your penalties. These include number of prior offenses, whether anyone was harmed as a result of an accident, and a number of other variables oftentimes referred to as aggravating factors.

Collateral consequences also arise out of a Minnesota DWI/DUI incident. These can include drivers license revocation, vehicle forfeiture, and license plate impoundment. Thus, it is crucial to hire a capable and competent Minnesota DWI lawyer. The Giancola Law Office has handled thousands of DWI/DUI cases. One thing is certain, The Giancola Law Office will leave no stone unturned.

Did you know that refusal to take a blood alcohol concentration test is a crime? 
I bet you would find it hard to believe that refusal to take a test is a gross misdemeanor, yet a first time DWI/DUI with a blood alcohol concentration of under .16 is a misdemeanor.16 and over is gross misdemeanor. Many other collateral consequences flow from a test resulting in .20 and above. Minnesota now has a felony level DWI/DUI ... 4 DWIs in 10 years = felony. 

All DUI charges in Minnesota result on a same type of driver license revocation. The length of time the driver’s license is revoked and the requirements to get it reinstated are different for each individual situation. You need experienced help to fight all aspects of your DUI case and we can provide seasoned reliable advice.

Drugs also play a role in DWI/DUI cases. Prescription drugs mixed with alcohol, prescription drugs which cause DUI symptoms, and the use of illegal drugs can also result in DUI charges.

Our Minneapolis DUI attorneys are extremely experienced in defending these types of cases. With our professional advice and aggressive defense we can help you beat your case. If necessary we can conduct serious damage control in order to minimize harsh consequences.

Charged with a DUI? Conact a Minnesota DWI Lawyer today and see how the Giancola Law Office can help your case!

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