Minneapolis Criminal Defense Attorney

Minneapolis Criminal Defense Attorney

In Minnesota felony charges include, but are not limited to, possession of narcotics, murder, rape, assault, and theft. A felony level conviction will effect employment, housing, student loan eligibility, and the ability to hunt and to posses a firearm.

If you are charged with a felony in Minnesota such as murder, criminal vehicular operation, drug possession or distribution, sexual assault, domestic assault, physical assault, theft, DUI, or any other serious offense, you need the dedicated representation our Minneapolis criminal defense lawyers.

Contact one of our experienced attorneys at Giancola-Durkin Criminal Defense if you’re being investigated for a crime. You need competent advice on what should and should not be discussed when it comes to your case, so be sure to contact us before you contact police. Many times law enforcement can get you to say things that will be very damaging to your defense, that’s why it’s important to talk to our Minnesota criminal lawyers before you talk to anyone else.

Our consultation fee is $0, free. Getting advice from Giancola-Durkin Criminal Defense won’t cost you a thing. We arrange to represent people on an investigatory basis, which allows you to inform police you’re being represented by a lawyer. By having a lawyer you have a mediator between you and the law. We act as a lesion between you, prosecutors, courts and law enforcement for only a nominal cost. A felony level conviction can have a devastating impact on your future employment, housing, voting rights, gun rights and loan eligibility amongst many other things. Get credentialed advice from the Giancola-Durkin Criminal Defnese team if you’re charged with a felony crime anywhere in Minnesota.

Charged with a DUI? Contact a Minnesota DWI Lawyer today and see how the Giancola Law Office can help your case!

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