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1st Degree DWI Laws

In Minnesota, 1st degree DWI is a felony. A felony is the highest penalty one can receive for driving under the influence. A 1st degree DWI is punishable by seven years in jail and/or $14,000 in fines. The $14,000 in fines is not inclusive of any additional costs, such as fees for reinstating your driver’s license.

The State charges 1st degree DWI to drivers who are not only intoxicated, but also have one or more of the following:

  • Three prior DWIs
  • A prior Felony DWI
  • A prior criminal vehicular operation offense
  • A prior criminal vehicular homicide offense
  • A cancelled or suspended license from impaired driving within the last ten years.

It’s imperative to choose a 1st degree DWI lawyer carefully if you're charged with felony DWI. With an experienced Minneapolis DWI lawyer on your side, you will fully understand the 1st degree DWI laws and which measures to take next.

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