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Boating While Intoxicated (BWI/BUI) or Boating Under the Influence is a serious crime in the state of Minnesota. If you have been flagged down as a part of a boating while intoxicated sweep, remember that you have rights and there are many factors that could complicate a field sobriety test. Many times a police officer will evaluate your physical condition to determine whether you are BWI/BUI.

If you've spent a long day on the open waters in the hot sun there is a good chance that you might appear under the influence to the officer even if you are not. Being out in the sun all day on a boat may make you appear wobbly, blood shot eyes, and look lightheaded. It is important you don't delay in contacting a BWI lawyer immediately. Our Minneapolis criminal defense attorneys can defend your case. Just like a Minnesota DWI charge, your boating and driving licenses depend on the outcome of your case.

A Minnesota BWI lawyer from the Giancola Law Office will defend your case and make the difference between a conviction and an acquittal.

Charged with a DUI? Conact a Minnesota DWI Lawyer today and see how the Giancola Law Office can help your case!

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