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Minnesota Second Degree DWI

Overview of Minnesota's Levels of DWI Charges: Second Degree DWI

For individuals facing DWI charges, it can help to have a good Minnesota criminal defense lawyer. Not every layperson understands what the laws mean and how they can affect the outcome of a case. Because of this, Giancola Law Firm believes in providing information to help get the best results.

When looking at a Second Degree DWI, there are a few things that defendants need to know. In Minnesota, this charge is considered to be a gross misdemeanor. Anybody who has had at least two violations relating to impaired driving within a ten-year period can be charged with a Second Degree DWI. A Second Degree DWI is also possible if there are two aggravating conditions associated with a first-time offense. Only one aggravating factor is necessary if the defendant refuses to submit to testing to determine if they are impaired. Having a qualified Minnesota criminal defense lawyer is important, as the penalties associated with conviction are as severe as one year in jail or a $3,000 fine.

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