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Minnesota License Revocation

Minnesota License Revocation and Suspension

Someone charged with drunk driving in Minnesota faces certain administrative and civil sanctions on top of any criminal penalties incurred. Possible sanctions include a driver's license revocation or a temporary loss of driving privileges. Failing a breath, blood or urine test, or refusing to submit to any of these tests, can result in an immediate loss of driving privileges. In this case, a seven-day temporary license is often issued, after which the revocation takes effect.

The length of time that a driver's license may be revoked or canceled varies according to the following guidelines.

90-day suspension with no prior impaired driving incident within the previous ten years, and no aggravating factor associated with the current incident.
180-day suspension with a prior impaired driving incident within the previous ten years.

Six-month suspension if under age 21.
Period of revocation doubles with blood alcohol level of .20 or higher.
One year revocation for refusal to take breath, blood or urine test.
Indefinite cancellation and denial of license, pending treatment and rehabilitation, with three or more impaired driving incidents within a ten-year period.

Individuals have the right to judicially challenge revocations and cancellations of driving privileges within a specified period by filing the appropriate legal documents. A Minnesota Criminal Defense Lawyer can provide assistance with filing a judicial challenge to a driver's license revocation, withdrawal or cancellation. Minnesota Criminal Defense Lawyer Mark Giancola has fought on behalf of innumerable clients who required the most effective legal representation with regard to their drunk driving cases.

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