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Durkin's Challenging Assault Case

Minnesota Criminal Lawyer, Rory Durkin, Takes On Challenging Assault Case
After a violent altercation at a Cottage Grove house party, one suspect finds himself playing the role of the accused and victim.

Cottage Grove - Felony charges of third-degree assault has been filed against Andrew Hagen, 20, of Maplewood for punching Anthony Robinson, 24, at a house party in Cottage Grove. After being punched, Robinson fell to the ground hitting his head on the ground. He suffered a traumatic head injury putting him into a coma.

Hagen, however, claims he was acting out of self-defense after being relentlessly tormented by Robinson. Shortly following the incident, Hagen was pursued and attacked by a group of people from the party, resulting in a noticeable tear in his ear, chipped tooth and bloodied face.
Rory Durkin, his defense attorney, takes on this complex case challenging the unjust charges brought upon the injured Hagen who has pleaded not guilty. The Minnesota criminal lawyer striving for justice plans to appeal for a self-defense argument in the case.

"What confuses me and baffles me and makes me absolutely insane is the fact that the city attorney's office, the county attorney's office and the police department all refuse to prosecute a group that hunted and tracked down my client and beat him so badly he had to be hospitalized," said Durkin.

Rory Durkin is a partner of Giancola-Durkin, P.A, a criminal defense law firm. Since 2001, he has effectively handled numerous criminal cases to completion ranging from DWI and traffic offenses to murder.

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