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Durkin Gets Acquittal on Gun Charges

After a two-day jury trial local defense attorney, Rory Durkin, obtained an acquittal on a gross misdemeanor gun charge in the Sherburne County District Court. While the acquittal was a huge victory, the jury did however reach a guilty verdict for a disorderly conduct charge.

Despite the disorderly conduct conviction, Durkin is extremely pleased with the ultimate outcome of the case. He recognized the importance of having the gross misdemeanor charge dismissed, as it is a very serious charge. The disorderly conduct charge is extremely difficult to overcome due to the nature of the charge itself.

To be charged with disorderly conduct, the prosecution simply has to prove that a person acted in "an offensive or boisterous manner likely to cause anger or resentment in another." This is easy to meet, which is why Durkin considers the acquittal for the gross misdemeanor charges to be much more substantial and important. Overall, this was an excellent victory for Durkin and his client.

"This is another great victory. It was very important to get the gun charge dismissed because of the severity of the charge." He went on to say that the disorderly conduct standards are so easy to meet, making it quite difficult to defend. "I probably commit disorderly conduct a few times a day," Durkin said jokingly.

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