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Although our Minnesota Appeal Lawyers will do everything in our power to win your case, the court does not always rule in our favor. If this happens, our lawyers will appeal your case until all resources are exhausted. Whether we are continuing a case for you, or taking over for another attorney we will research every possibility to improve your chances for appeal.  Our Minneapolis appellate attorneys will dedicate all the time and energy needed to appeal your case.

Minnesota Forfeitures Attorney

Under Minnesota DWI law, vehicle forfeiture is possible after (typically) the third DWI violation. This can occur sooner depending on the extent of the violation. Minnesota forfeiture law only applies to the car driven and not other vehicles owned by the person charged. If the owner is not the offender, forfeiture only occurs if the owner knew (or should have known) the unlawful intentions of the offender. If you have found yourself in this situation, hiring one of our skilled attorneys will aid you in solving this problem and provide you with proper defense to prevent further legal trouble.

Minnesota Expungements Lawyer

Expungements in Minnesota are saught in a wide variety of cases. For example, if you have been a part of a criminal case and found not guilty, you still have a criminal record. This will show up on background checks and can prevent you from getting jobs, housing, and more. Asking a judge for an expungement will seal this record and prevent it from showing up on background checks. Not everyone qualifies for an expungement, and the law regarding who is eligible can be very confusing. The Giancola Law Office can help you figure out what can be done regarding your Minnesota expungement request, aid you in the necessary paperwork, and answer any legal questions you may have.

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